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Coaching Tackle


Coaching is TEACHING

Our coaches are not only former players, but also students of the game.  At the tackle level, they are teaching players what to do and why each action is important. What makes our coaches different is they believe in growing each player's football IQ and not just training robots. They breakdown routes, discuss and demo proper technique, encourage leadership through example, and they always provide constructive criticism followed by opportunities to try again; firm yet positive reinforcement is how we coach our players.

Our coaches aren't looking for perfection, but they are absolutely DEMANDING perfect effort from every player, every practice and every game time down. Football is a team sport, and we are a team not a group of individuals playing together. This is one of our core values within our organization. By the time our players move on to high school, they are mentally and physically strong as well as equipped to play at high levels!

Line work with Coaches James and Josh